Safe, recyclable and flexible equipment and appliances for special needs both in private and public spaces to help and support the elderly and persons with reduced mobility with independent and dignified living.

To overcome level differences, to care for personal hygiene, to move safely or to store the equipment we will provide solutions taking different customer needs and assembly site requirements into consideration. We guide our customers in selecting and fitting products. We assemble the products according to manufactures' instructions and EU directives. We operate nationwide.

Product range:

  • equipment shelters
  • changing benches
  • bathroom and toilet equipment
  • hand grips and rails
  • ramps, platform wedges, steps
  • shower cubicles
  • lifting platforms and stairs
  • therapy bikes and carriages, sledges

Innovative and easily installable appliances to be moved and circulated into new sites. Materials are durable and well suited to our Northern climate. Modular products save assembly and maintenance costs. In addition to functionality and safety appearance is also important. Our products are elegant and well applicable to surrounding architecture, for example FlexStep Compact , EasyLift and LP5 lifting solutions.

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